Thursday, April 15, 2010

Despite the cool evening ( down to 4 degrees) I tried the trap on after two nights off. Although the catch was less than the two previous sessions it was still ok with -

Agonopterix arenella 1 (new)
March Moth 1
Red Chestnut 1
Common Quaker 12
Clouded Drab 7
Hebrew Character 20
Early Grey 1

Total 43 of 7 species.

This is only my second garden Early Grey ( top right, I didnt take any pics but this is one of the first garden Early Grey from a couple of weeks back).

Bottom Left - Agonopterix arenella

Last night a pair of Brown Hares were grazing the back field in close proximity to each other from our kitchen window. Still no new migrants in though. I suppose there wont be any change until the wind swings away from NNE...

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