Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween Moths...

Above - Tawny Pinion.

I had the trap on last night when we went out to my sisters Halloween Party. When I checked it just before midnight I was pleased to find that there had been a good turn out for the time of year.

Red Green Carpet 1
Rosy Rustic 1
Silver Y 11
December Moth 1 female, below, a new species for me and a great chunky little thing.

but best of all

Tawny Pinion 1. Above - Again a first for me but thats because this is only the 4th for Northumberland, and is the first for VC 68 North Northumberland. Its obviously worth trapping well into the late autumn to turn up oddities like this...

Above - December Moth


Anonymous said...

Nice moths, Stewart, and well done with the Tawny Pinion.
December Moth is one of my favourites, at this time of year.

Susannah Anderson said...

Hi, I have just posted the carnival, "The Moth and Me #8", on my blog, "Wanderin' Weeta". This post has been included. Nice to see someone mothing so late in the year.