Friday, April 24, 2009

Today was dry and dull but quite mild.

After a tip off from Julie, our neighbour, I walked Bunty down to Rumbling Kern this morning to have a look for a Grasshopper Warbler. Although it was very quiet, the gropper flushed from the path and dropped into some brambles, re-emerging for a few seconds to 'reel in its fishing line'. 2 male and a female Common Scoter flew south along the breakers nearby.

On the way back, 3 Wheatears skipped along the fence posts ahead. They had a greenland look about them too. A fourth was on the stone wall in the village.

After work we wandered down the, aptly named, Long Walk past the pond. The Mute Swan was hunkered down tightly on her clutch, a pair of Tufted Duck swam around and there were still 2 Coot and 3 Moorhen. 2 Stock Doves flew from the arboretum and 4 Roe Deer were seen in different places along the track.

There are good numbers of singing Blackcaps and Willow Warblers in now. On the way home along the lane a male Sparrowhawk flew by in 'non stealth' mode...


Alan Tilmouth said...

I had a bit of a grope for Gropper at Linton tonight without any joy. Noticed you left your birdbox behind as I passed today was it occupied?

Stewart said...

Yes Alan the box had house spuggies in residence so I left it in peace.