Thursday, November 06, 2008

Bloody Waxwings...

Yesterday morning I was standing on our lawn feeding the birds when I heard a Waxwing giving it six nowt across the road. Trilling at the top of its tufty voice only being drowned out by a passing lorry. I looked all the while it called but saw nothing. Thats twice in about a week thats happened...its getting irritating now.

Nothing calling this morning though...

Two new links added today -

John Malloy's Blog 'Birding Sometimes' will show some of his excellent pics. Downside, I've removed his website because it didn't work anymore!

Ian Fisher's website is on the Local Sites list. It too shows some of his great photo's from home and abroad...

I'm agog. The list below are today's hits! I wish I had been to as many countries as my blog, what a list I would have!

184 - - - -
140 London England United Kingdom
32 Newcastle Upon Tyne England United Kingdom
18 Swansea Wales United Kingdom
9 Calgary Alberta Canada
8 Manchester England United Kingdom
7 Paris Ile-de-france France
6 Reading England United Kingdom
5 Epsom England United Kingdom
5 Dublin Dublin Ireland
5 Hobart Tasmania Australia
5 Leicester England United Kingdom
4 Canterbury England United Kingdom
4 Sheffield England United Kingdom
4 Stockport England United Kingdom
4 Luton England United Kingdom
4 Toronto Ontario Canada
3 Leeds England United Kingdom
2 Blackburn England United Kingdom
2 Alicante Comunidad Valenciana Spain
2 Halifax Nova Scotia Canada
1 Norwich England United Kingdom
1 Wolverhampton England United Kingdom
1 Newcastle Wales United Kingdom
1 Mountain View California United States
1 Baden Aargau Switzerland
1 Amsterdam Noord-holland Netherlands
1 Cardiff Wales United Kingdom
1 Joinville Santa Catarina Brazil
1 Birmingham England United Kingdom
1 Rome Lazio Italy
1 Kiel Schleswig-holstein Germany
1 Peterborough England United Kingdom
1 Houston Texas United States
1 Las Palmas De Gran Canaria Canarias Spain
1 Lowestoft England United Kingdom
1 Sunderland England United Kingdom
1 Szolnok Jasz-nagykun-szolnok Hungary
1 Bristol England United Kingdom
1 Williamsburg Ohio United States
1 Berlin Berlin Germany


Anonymous said...

Thats as many hits as i get in a week. Agog, indeed Stewart.

Waxwings : No sight or sound of em down here in Barnsley yet. It`s only a matter of time.

ST said...

told you i was busy

Tricia Ryder said...

Waxwings made it to Surrey in 2006 - and I've got the evidence to prove it LOL.

A very impressive list Stewart - Wow!

(What site do you use to monitor your visits? mine's not reliable!)

Ghost of Stringer said...

You sure its not just a blackbird you're hearing there Stewart ?!! ;)

Stewart said...

Gary - I had considered that. These 'stockhamsels' newly arrived do make seeping contacts, but this was an all out honest to goodness Waxwing.
Tricia - I'll get back to you...Mines probably not reliable either, Theres only 4 of you out there look at my blog !
Dean - Get some terrier pics on the blog!

Stewart said...

Tricia - Click on my small stat counter below the main one. It is a complicated thing and I dont know what its all about but some of the details do look good...

Ghost of Stringer said...

Was only kiddin !

Tricia Ryder said...

Thanks Stewart - will have a look.

oldcrow61 said...

Wow, you are a popular fellow. I checked in yesterday and it doesn't include Newfoundland in the list. I think I know why. My server is in Halifax, Nova Scotia and it automatically puts in where my server is. I say this because one of the other blogs I read has a map indicating where people live who read the blog. I'm down as living in Halifax.

Gone said...

Of course I knew him before he was famous, oh the stories I could tell.
(Cheap attempt at dragging traffic over to my BLOG but hey ho)

abbey meadows said...

I'm very impressed Stew. I might try a counter on mine some time.