Thursday, August 14, 2008

" No Stork today,
My Stork has gone away,
There's nothing else to say,
Nothing left to say..."

Yesterday, I needed to be home for Bunty as Jane was out. Black Stork on display for about 4 hours at Ryton.

Today, kit packed in car, ready to leave work at a minutes notice, not a snifter of Stork. Not one jot all day.


Back to yesterday, walked Bunts around the Seaton Point. A large gathering of terns were out on the rocks facing a rising tide. There were 50+ Arctics, 2 adult Roseates, 10+ Sandwich and I couldn't see any Commons but there had to be some somewhere in that lot surely...

Oh and today the Wilson's Phalarope was still, at Grindon Lough near Corbridge. Although this is a great bird for the area, I've had two county birds and its a bit of a trek over to Grindon for me so I decided to sit this one out. Pity it hadn't been along the coastal strip...

This Wilson's Phal was at Cresswell Pond in had a great attitude stalking individual flies as they landed.


Gone said...

You dont see many like that in the field guides, that sketch has bags of character.

Stewart said...

1. Yep you certainly don't see drawings like that in guides , thank god!
2. Honest it was stretched flat out on its belly as it sneaked up on the insect...