Thursday, March 27, 2008

Gulls Galore.

Above - Some of the gulls on Linton Pond.

Above - Smaller Glaucous Gull.

Above - Big Glaucous. Look at its gape, you could get your head in!

Yesterday afternoon the wind had swung lightly to the east and there had been some drizzle overnight so I thought I would check out likely looking Black Redstart spots at Boulmer this morning.

Seaton Point, the old farm buildings and the village cliffs were all visited without luck. A few Rock Pipits were on rotting seaweed, but thats about it really. On the way, a Sparrowhawk flashed over the road in front of the car.

Along the shore there was a distinct lack of any gulls and even the usual waders were in very short supply. The large flock of Sanderling seen the other day were no where to be seen. Maybe they have begun to head to more northerly breeding grounds?

A trip to seek dry cleaning and the organic veg bag this afternoon did have its upside. I used it as another excuse to visit Bothal and Linton. At Bothal, 170 Jackdaws were in a field near the road. I did see one likely candidate for Scandinavian Jack but they kept flying around and I lost the bird. It did have one major distinguishing feature though. It had a limp. So, if you see a gimpy Jackdaw at Bothal, let me know what you think.

On to Longhirst Flash where another 70 Jackdaws were present but no Vikings in here.

Then just as I entered the hide at Linton my phone rang. It was ADMc to say that he was watching a White Stork from his window at home. It soared high towards the A1 Morpeth bypass before moving off south. Nice garden tick...

In the hide a chap was watching the gulls and had seen a Glaucous. There were several hundred if not a thousand gulls out there but the Glauc was the closest bird to us so I took a picture or two. It flew off high to the west. Shortly after that, a second Glaucous was seen preening on the bankside with the other gulls. Both of these birds were huge meaty birds who you wouldn't want to mess with.

Then I picked out the adult Iceland Gull on the water. This bird was much smaller and even looked kittiwake like at certain angles. A lovely bird.

Another scan and I thought I had a juvenile Iceland Gull. Closer inspection showed this to be the third Glaucous Gull, a much, much smaller individual than the other two and slightly darker.

So a pretty successful trip out I say. Four white winged gulls at one spot, its better than North Shields in its hey day. Now where did that Stork get to. Maybe its next to a Ross's Gull...

Above - Adult Iceland Gull.


Seaside Observers said...

Thanks for info about the cranes, i couldnt go, but hubby saw them couple times over the weekend...cheers

The Wessex Reiver said...

An invading Scandinavian Jack with a limp. How else to describe a Viking... Gaan canny tho, muckle tough them Vikings :-).

Good Glauc pics, must get to Cheddar at the weekend and see if I can get the Bonapart for the blog.

oldcrow61 said...

I love the second picture of the gulls. There's just something about it that I can't put my finger on. All great pictures.

Stewart said...

SS- No probs.
BR- Thanks and good luck on the twitch.
OC - I like that one best too. Glauc in heraldic pose.Thanks.

Mel said...

Love the pics!