Saturday, March 29, 2008

New Links

Two new links in the list on the left.

Firstly East Ayton has been reinstated in a new format since he 'retired' from blogging a week or two back. Some great photo's on there.

Then a new blog, Abbey Meadows by my friend Nigel. He has just started his blog and I'm sure he will come up with some good sightings and stuff to interest as the year progresses. Nigel is a bit of an all rounder when it comes to natural history and lately has spent some time chasing up the botany of Northumberland. We go back a long way, and I remember our rambles through the countryside and lanes near Ulgham over 30 years ago when we were kids. Nigel got me my first Whitethroats when I was 9! Kids don't get out much these days...

Give them a visit and I'm sure they would appreciate some comments.

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abbey meadows said...

Aye those were the days stew! East Stobswood before the road widening and the bends taken out I just wish I had my original notes to look at. I can remember sitting on a haystack counting the thousands, yes thousands of finches and buntings at Rochesters farm at harvest time. Up to three hundered tree sparrows were not uncommon with similar numbers of Linnets and Chaffinches. Corn Bunting flocks would hold at least eighty birds and there would often be over a hundered yellowhammers. These birds have gone with the primitive farming methods that Rochester used.Its goodbye to those and hello to Buzzards, Speckled Woods and Banded Demoiselles.