Thursday, November 15, 2007


Mouse id is up the spout. My friend below, seen in better light, is a Wood Mouse. Even in the photo its golden tone can be seen, House Mouse are, er, mousey grey brown. Thats that sorted.

Last night, after tea, another Wood Mouse was in the live trap. It was soon keeping Mouse 1 company in the tank. Both were released in a wood ( obviously) not far away. This morning I got up to Wood Mouse 3 in the trap. Looks like I'm infested!

Wood Mouse 3 is currently the new sole tenant of the aquarium, awaiting the arrival of Wood Mouse 4. The trap is set.

Coincidentally, the very aquarium, was bought a few years ago as a separation room for baby Harvest Mice when we bred them for a local reintroduction scheme. We added 21 little Harvesters to the gang for release. Unfortunately it looks as though the local owl and kestrel populace have done for them all as recent attempts to see if any had estabished have come to nothing...

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