Wednesday, November 14, 2007


No not from the Big Brother House, from ours!

We have had a squatter lately and last night he met his match. Mus musculus or House Mouse to you and I was finally caught, alive and humanely, in our back bedroom and is now living the life of Riley ( probably Mavis Riley off Coronation Street fame...) in an old aquarium. It has hay, food and water and looks a bit like your average hamster, none the worse for his ordeal. Now the problem is, where will I release him?


ST said...

NO where near me! As i have had an invasion this year.
you could always leave it near the renovation work along the road the house will be emty for some time. Just think of him as a welcoming gift:)

Gone said...

How about one of the hides at Hauxley, at least then something will be using them.