Monday, November 12, 2007

Check your chickens.

Alastair of Whitby Birding fame asked in his comment about inland moving Little Auks this weekend. When I was watching yesterday they were coming from all ends and sides one even dodged through a field full of sheep, but best crack came from down Newbiggin way. ADMc had one fly over near the QE2 Park at Ashington, about a mile inland then he had one fly alongside the car near New Moor Tip about 3 miles inland!

If anyone has a patch not too far from the coast with a pond, it'll be worth a look for them ( or maybe even your garden pond)...I remember reading about wrecked Little Auks always seem to be found in with chickens (!)....

I see Mr Oddie on Autumnwatch even mentioned the LA's at the Farnes this evening and showed a tiny snippet of a flock flying past Seahouses.

A nice comment from Tariq Farooqi yesterday too. He was the one who saw the White billed Diver fly past Cullernose Point about two miles north of Boulmer. Thats a bit of a relief I thought it was, er, 'someone else' who had reported it.'Nuff said. Might have been the same bird up at St Abbs at lunchtime too.

I was chatting to NFO at Boulmer yesterday at about 3pm. He had just seen the Grey Phalarope still present lingering off the north end of Longhoughton Steel.

Off work tomorrow on flexi. I might get some drawing done this time.


Ghost of Stringer said...
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Ghost of Stringer said...

"someone else" ? I hope you are not referring to the newton stringer ?!


Stewart said...

Watch this for diplomacy.

Alastair said...

Stewart, thanks for that. I half wish I'd driven "Up North" to witness the spectacle it sounds like one of those wonders of the natural world that remain in the memory for life.

Andy said...

Stunning Dovekies! Thanks for visiting my blog so I can now visit yours!