Friday, October 05, 2007

A few short trips to Boulmer since the last post, mostly out with Bunty. Not much going on but the highlights have been 1 juv Peregrine over Seaton Point, 1 Greenshank over Seaton Point, 1 Chiffchaff in the golfcourse roadside bushes, 1 Redwing and 1 Fieldfare flew W near Longhoughton and a few small coveys of Grey Partridges.

I see the Brown Flycatcher has gone. Great. That puts a stop to my twitching and increasing my carbon footprint tomorrow and it will mean I get an extra trip on to the patch. It doesn't suprise me because at 3am this morning the sky was clear and there was a 'leaper's moon'. What with the Rubythroat on Foula thats 3 mega alerts this week out of reach for me. Who knows, I might just find the next one under a bush on Seaton Point...( pffff) Nice to see that I was of assistance to Darrell (Green Withens) in getting his most recent lifer ;-)

Oh and 27 Collared Doves at home this morning.

Keeping it real.



darrell j prest said...

sorry its gone.

you live on the east coast as punkbirder says



Stewart said...

No probs Darrell, some you win as they say! Oh I hope I don't get an 'unstreaked acro'. I'd like summat with spots'n'stripes'n'that ...