Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Strong NNW 7, squally showers some sun. Cold.

Seawatching conditions again after a short lull. Today I spent a total of 2 hours at Boulmer and about 45 minutes at Newbiggin ( you know, that place where everyone seawatches. Need not dwell on it here!).

Totals from Boulmer -
All moving North unless otherwise indicated.

Pale bellied Brent 16
Wigeon 49
Teal 1
Scaup 2
Velvet Scoter 3
Red breasted Merganser 1
Red throated Diver 1
Black throated Diver 3
(Came through all together at about 200 yds range. Possibly a family party, 1 adult in full breeding plumage, seen so close that the black and white chequered pattern on upperside could be clearly seen, contrasting with the grey head and black throat. Large size with a distinctive cruciform shape in flight, as long behind as in front, due to the feet sticking out. The other two were juveniles. One of the absolute highlights of the autumn so far for me.)
Red necked Grebe 1 S
Sooty Shearwater 71
Manx Shearwater 6
Balearic Shearwater 1 ( Glimpsed a bird that was probably this species but it was lost into the waves after only two brief views.)
Sandwich Tern 1
Arctic Tern 1
Arctic Skua 1 S
Small Skua sp 1 S at considerable distance may have been long tailed?

While watching, the adult Peregrine showed well along the shore flushing waders.

I suppose I better add the stuff seen from 'the other place'...jealousy showing through there...because they had another two Great Shearwaters after I left. Wouldn't you think they'd let me have one.

While I was there we had 30 Sooty Shearwaters, 1 Manx, 1 2nd W Mediterranean Gull and a nice juvenile Peregrine showing very well off the point.

137. Red necked Grebe.


darrell j prest said...

bad luck on the great shearwaters,wait for one at boulmer it will be worth it

Stewart said...

I'll keep at it Darrell. My comments about Newbiggin are abit tongue in cheek, I was a regular there a few years ago and have previously found my own Great Shear there ( and Dusky and Pallas's Warblers)but its very frustrating!

Cheers S....