Monday, September 24, 2007


Rain steady and quite heavy in the morning, fine for about three hours at lunchtime then more rain.

Weather put the kybosh on birding today. Out twice to Boulmer with Bunty ( only short jaunts as she gets quite angry when wet. Its a bit of an ordeal drying her back home).

250+ Golden Plover on new plough were checked for Buff breasts, Pecs and Dominica's with no result. The autumn's first Rock Pipit was on the cliffs along with 3 Robins.

I forgot to mention, yesterday tea time a Merlin was hunting over the village, just as I have been whinging how they have been in short supply this autumn ( they are a 'day bird' here most years).

On my way to Morpeth today I was approaching Denwick when I noticed a Kestrel lying on the roadside looking worse for wear. I assumed that it had been a road casualty so went back to see if I could help. As I pulled up next to it I could see an open wound above its bill. I climbed out and approached the bird and was suprised when it lifted and flew a hundred yards into a field. Although it's flight was a bit wobbly it seemed ok. I think that it had probably collided with the over head pylon cable above where it was lying and was only stunned. I checked for it again a couple of hours later but it had gone.

The weather forecast predicts some easterlies on Friday...bring it on!

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