Friday, July 27, 2007

Flexi leave...

Top - Boulmer Village
Centre - Jane and Bunty, The Coach Inn, Lesbury.
Bottom - Small Tortoiseshell

Today was a random day off work just to use up some excess hours and, for a nice change, the weather was warm and sunny with a moderate westerly breeze.

After a walk along the beach at Boulmer with Bunty we had our lunch at the Coach Inn in Lesbury. If anyone is visiting this part of the world, the Coach has under gone a change of management recently and is now a very pleasant place to eat.

During our stroll, of note, a female Peregrine scythed past the rock edges before gliding sedately over head and on inland at Seaton Point, 1 Yellow Wagtail was with Pieds on the tideline and 8 Swifts moved steadily south.

Beats work anyday...


ST said...

Did you know that it wasn't always a pub.
Like the new header or is it an advert for bins in the style of car adverts.

Stewart said...

No I didn't tell me ad for bins, Leica couldn't afford me!

patsy said...

It certainly looks a lot smarter than when we used to live round the corner from it. My husband celebrated the birth of our two sons in there!