Sunday, January 07, 2007

Today the weather was fair in the morning, with a cool moderate SW5. 60% cloud cover increasing to overcast and drizzle after lunch.

The morning started with a check of the Seaton Point. Rob had a White Wagtail there yesterday. Although there were 6 Alba wagtails two looked like Pieds ' yarrelli' and 4 were likely candidates for White Wagtail, 'alba'. No two looked alike. Although the four were significantly different in appearance to the male and female Pieds nearby, I think only one could be described as 'probably a White Wagtail'. Far better to wait until April!

We then checked up the north end as far as Low Steads and had 8+ Razorbills, 1 female Common Scoter flew south, 4+ Red breasted Mergansers, 8+ Pied Wagtails, 53 Golden Plover, 3+ Stonechat, the Snow Bunting photographed below, 1 female Long-tailed Duck with 7 Goldeneye in Howdiemont Bay, 1 ad Gannet and 1 Red throated Diver flew N.

54. Razorbill
55. Common Scoter
56. Golden Plover
57. Song Thrush
58. Snow Bunting
59. Long-tailed Duck
60. Linnet
61. Goldfinch
62. Gannet
63. Collared Dove

In the afternoon Jane and myself and Bunty walked through the Howick Long Walk. It was very quiet with only a flock of finches containing 30 each Goldfinch and Greenfinch of note.

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