Sunday, January 07, 2007

Saturday 6th January 2007

Dull, calm, drizzle.

Out dog walking again this morning. I checked the area of gorse near the small caravan site. A Willow Tit was 'buzzing' from cover, only showing itself once. Then, a male Merlin dashed over in hot persuit of a sparrow or greenfinch. Just when I thought that the quarry had 'bought it', it dropped like a stone into a garden leaving the Merlin to overshoot and look elsewhere for its meal. Nice to see a little bit of quality added to the winter birding.

On the list today -

47. Willow Tit
48. Merlin
49. Kestrel
50. Greenfinch
51. Great Tit
52. Lapwing
53. Meadow Pipit

Last night on my way home from a late shift at work, a Barn Owl was on a fence post near the Widdrington Mile Road end, and a Fox was lurking on the verge nearby.

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