Sunday, November 26, 2006

Not much to add today as most of it was spent doing chores and not a glance was had through my bins. This morning was steady rain until lunchtime with some sunshine just before dusk.

In the garden still 80 - 100 House Sparrows and 6 Collared Doves. Another 40 Collared Doves were just along the road at the South End Farm. An immature male Sparrowhawk was hunting the sparrows in the garden and sat for a short while on the garden gate before flying off, narrowly missing a passing car.

As I haven't taken any pics this week I've added one taken in the summer of a Sparrowhawk at the nest on the Boulmer patch. I'm not an advocate of nest photography but this was an opportunist shot and I didn't revisit the site while it was active. I would like to think that the bird in my garden today was from this nest.


Katie said...

Thanks for your comment, Stewart! Keep up the good work.

DorsetDipper said...

I spent a couple of summer hols in a tiny caravan in Warkworth in 1977/78 and saw lots of great stuff (for me as a teenager) - waders, chats, Artic Skuas, and even some Corn Buntings which you note are now absent.

The area looked great for birds and your blog shows it is. All the records are exciting, the photos are excellent and I always check the blog - please keep posting all your stuff