Saturday, November 25, 2006

No gales yet.

The weather forecasters said that we were in for the worst storm of the year with gale force winds and structural damage. So far, nothing. Fair, overcast light S2. Not a bad day at all. I wonder if the storm will arrive a day late?

A walk with the dog along the Snableazes track at Denwick this morning had 1 Woodcock flushed from the track side three times before it moved elsewhere, 3+ Bullfinch, 10 Meadow Pipits N, 10+ Blackbirds, 1 Tree Sparrow and a Mistle Thrush in full song ( even the Stormcock thought the weather was going to be rough).

At Boulmer this afternoon, the sun managed a few minutes at dusk. 2 Fieldfares came in low off the sea. I saw them about a mile out and they came in right over my head and headed off inland, 9 Blackbirds were on Seaton Point, also migrants presumably, 1 Sparrowhawk, 1 Red throated Diver N and 2 female Red breasted Mergansers S.

Oh and the 'Comments' feature on this Blog works now. It was set to members only but now anyone can have their say. Let me know what you think. Constructive critiscisms only please. Cheers.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting my site in your links Stewart. I will add yours to my links in return and you have a great blog here. Well Done

Stewart said...

Cheers Darren. The blogger is very easy, even a technophobe like me can manage it!


Unknown said...

Found your blog by happenstance. I'll try to explain. Many years ago,around 1979-82, I lived at Stamford Farm. Earlier this morning I had a clear memory of cycling back from Almouth Station to the farm, and being caught in a terrific thunder storm, I could see snableazes,the turret, disregarding the usual warning I sheltered under a a tree, a very large tree, enjoyed the storm and got soaked to the skin. I live in Canada now. There is a slight chance you may know of my daughter Ruth Unsworth, she's a nurse and lives in Boulmer with Peter.
I'm not a birder as such, although they are delightful, I'm a landscape painter. For some odd reason I want to paint the place of the storm. May sound odd to you.
The topography is very vague now but it was in a small valley, the tree was at the bottom, between Almouth Station, via a side road. and the snableazes turret. Any suggestions as to photographs?

By the way your blog is excellent.
If you do know of Ruth, give her my regards.

My regards to you,
John Unsworth.