Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Migrant Moths

 Northumberland and VC68 in particular (North Northumberland) aren't exactly renowned for migrant lepidoptera. We get a few but nothing like what can occur in the south . Apart from Silver Ys and Diamond backs most other things cause a raised eyebrow at least.

Last autumn was quite good in my garden for migrants with a few good arrivals, in particular Scarce Bordered Straw, Hummingbird Hawkmoths and Beet Moth. Now that we are three parts through August we are starting to see a few more migrants arriving here, so hopes are high that it might become another good season.

Last night a nice arrival came with 25 Silver Y and single Vestal, only my second in 14 years, Rusty dot Pearl, Rush Veneer and Diamond back. Earlier in the month my first Great Brocade for 5 years was a surprise too. Here's to more of the same, but there is one mystery.  Where have the Dark Swordgrass gone? We used to get them most autumns with good years like 2011 when I had 13 over the year. Its almost 2 years since the last in my garden...

Diamond backed Moth

Rush Veneer

Rusty Dot Pearl

Silver Y


Great Brocade



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