Friday, August 13, 2021

Moth Trap

 A few highlights from the past three nights trapping in the garden. Catches now are mainly Rustics and Yellow Underwings, for example, last night a catch of 500 moths of 63 sp could be broken down into 285 of them being 7 species of 'brown' the other 200 odd made up of 56 varied species.

To begin with, the first Old Lady of the year on my Sugar Table. 

Cloaked Minor, a garden first. Ive only seen one other some years back at East Chevington.

Above two Ear Moth agg. They come in various shades. I had some checked over once and found Large Ear and Saltern Ear in the garden, but would like to know how common each are.
Orange Swift

Clavigesta purdeyi, another new one for the garden. Its a bit battered though.

A lovely bright Lilac Beauty is always exciting. A localised species, Ive had a few here.

Pale Mottled Willow is a common moth generally but not here, its just about annual. For a noctuid its quite flighty, this one is warming up for take off.

Rush Veneer, a migrant moth that resembles a Caddisfly.


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