Monday, February 08, 2021

Still here...

 A week since my last post and I’m still on the iPad. I’ve been catching up on my favourite bloggage but see that most faves have as little output as me! Maybe it’s due to waiting for it all to happen during this mini freeze up. Still, Dylan, Steve, Peter, Gav and Seth are all up to date.

Over the week I’ve seen a few bits and pieces, even photographed some, but all of that remains on the Sandisc until my technological issues are resolved. The good news is, my hard disc survived intact, the bad is the rest of the workings seem fried.

So, please hang with me a while longer. As the Great man says, I’ll be back...

Storm Darcy bigging  it up on the patch.

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Fleetwood Bird Observatory said...

I've had similar issues Stewart. My PC packed in and the repairers said that Windows 10 had corrupted! Thankfully they managed to recover all my data, and I'm up and running again. Technology is great when it's working!
Cheers, Seumys