Wednesday, January 06, 2021


 I am so used to the 11 years watching my home patch that I have forgotten that I now have a much larger area to play with. So far the list is up to 83 species in Howick without a step beyond, a reasonable total for January, where last year it ended on 75 for the month. I am already beginning to struggle to find new additions. At an outside bet, 90 was just about possible leaving me with very little else until spring migration.

Then I remembered my Lockdown 5 km includes Boulmer, just down the coast and the route to get there, as well as the journey most of the way to Alnwick for shopping. A walk down to Boulmer in decent weather should easily boost the total up to the 90 mark I'm sure. One for the weekend I think.

Back on patch, today's Peggy walks have added Whooper Swan, 3 S over our house, Redpoll 1 N along the lane and Redwing 2-3 dotted around the wooded areas calling. Also of note, the local Siskin flock has doubled up to at least 60+ birds now, 6+ Yellowhammers were bathing in our flooded village green and 50+ Chaffinches are still in the Rectory Stubble. 

Although there is renewed excitement at the off patch possibilities, the local and 5km patches won't be merged on the multi-coloured spreadsheet. That's just for Bubo.

This 5 km thing has worked out quite well. I was discussing the possibility of joining the Boulmer and Howick patches anyway, with John, as most weekends we are already at Boulmer at some point.

An older Redpoll shot, I haven't had the camera out this year yet...

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