Monday, November 30, 2020

Stressful Suppression.

 For those of a sensitive nature, you may wish to look away as I am about to tease and suppress simultaneously.

Last night I set our el cheapo camera trap out for the first time away from the garden. What I caught on it, I am in two minds whether to publish at all, for fear of repercussions. 

But I will. 

The location is withheld as this species is severely persecuted up here, so much so that I have only seen two locally in 11 years. Please do not draw attention to this as I do not want to be plagued with calls asking for access, locations, drop a pin etc. I just wont do it.

So, keep shtum and prepare yourselves - 

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I wont write the name in case a Google search brings it up but I am sure you will identify it.


Gibster said...

How very lovely! We don't get squirrels on Skye *sob* ....

Ric said...

The record number I've had on my back lawn is eight. In the suburbs of London they run about on a diet of rats, mice and KFC's.

Ipin said...


Stewart said...

Cheers men, I wont discuss this further or I may have to kill you. Shtum.