Friday, April 19, 2019

At last!

... spring has sprung!

But, lets pause. On the TV weather forecast I am seeing those inland people with temps up to 22+ degrees. Within sight of the Northumberland coast, here, we did have 12 degrees but the wind was still sharp. The key was to get into a sheltered spot.

During the day, I hung around the garden and through our village wood to the pond field. This was my first butterfly day of the year with 7 Peacocks, 2 Small Tortoiseshells, 1 female Orange Tip, 1 Small White and best of all, 3 Holly Blues in the garden. Last year i had my first confirmed Holly Blue in August here but it was too quick to photograph but thes eones, 2 males and a female, were a bit more cooperative...

Its great at this time of year to see more biodiversity on the local patch...

Holly Blue

Holly Blue

Holly Blue

Dark edged Bee-fly

Kidney spot Ladybird

Mute Swan, cob.

Female Orange Tip

Our garden this morning

Primrose bank near the pond field


Germander  Slender Speedwell ( see comments)

Common Violet


Steve Gale said...

Stewart, I think your speedwell is Slender. Holly Blues are regular in our garden and are always a joy to see.

Gibster said...

Probably Slender rather than Germander Speedwell. Single flowerhead on long stalk, arising from top pair of leaves and not from further down the stem. Warmer here than there, but my only butterfly so far is a single Green-veined White. 22 degrees C is pure nonsense, I don't believe those inland folks for a second...

Stewart said...

Thanks for the id chaps, a plant I've clearly overlooked for some time.
Seth, never fear the temp is set to drop next week...