Thursday, March 28, 2019

On the moors.

A day off today while a surveyor did an short inspection of our house. After he was done, I had a wander around with Peggy. Chiffchaffs are singing in profusion now but migration doesnt start here in earnest until about 10th April so we are stuck in the doldrums. Saying that, a patch year tick turned up with a first summer Mediterranean Gull with Black headeds feeding on plough just behind our house at lunchtime.

On the pond were 7 Teal, 5 Mallard and a Tuftie. There were no Crossbills around today despite them being around the village wood since January. Last week I had 16 together with 6 still this week.

In the invert front, Kidney-spot Ladybird numbers are now up to 5 on one medium sized Ash tree trunk and nowhere else!

This afternoon I had a drive to Alnwick Moors to check for Orange Underwing moths  at the spot we had them last April. It is still cool up on teh moors but I managed 2 individuals flying around the birches, unfortunately too high and actice for a photo.

While waiting for them  A few spiders were found in the moss and litter on a  flat rock -

Corby Bridge Moor.

Xysticus cristatus female
Xysticus cristatus male

Pardosa sp Wolf Spider

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