Monday, November 26, 2018

Everything is Rosy after all...

After yesterday's Rose coloured Starling twitch that fizzled out like a catherine wheel on a damp bonfire night, the weather seemed a little bit better this morning so I took my gear with me to work.

I decided to check out Hector's garden before going to the office. On arrival things were pretty similar to yesterday along with the addition of a nice male Brambling with Hector's Greenies. I was about to give up after only five minutes when I looked further along the road from the usual spot and there, on a square mesh fat feeder was the juvenile Rose coloured Starling. Phew. The dip was broken. This was a scruffy looking thing showing a few adult feathers in the median and greater coverts, tertials and inner primaries. Lets hope it stays until spring to show a bit more adult patterning.

I grabbed the camera from the boot and got back in the car to drive it forward a few yards until opposite the bird. Again, concious of pointing a telephoto lens at a bedroom window, I quickly rattled off a few shots before two passers by flushed the bird into some low shrubs in the garden.

This is my fifth Northumberland Rosy Pastor but my first juvenile anywhere. More unbelieveable is that this is the second one I've seen in Ashington this year.

Hector kindly rang me after seeing me parked furtively outside to confirm I had seen the bird. Thanks Hector. Then it was off to work. If only things had gone as smoothly yesterday...

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