Thursday, June 21, 2018

Should I stay or should I go? ...

...was never really the question I posted on Twitter the other day.

My Tweet said -

'Many of you are Natural History . I am wondering how Twitter and Facebook has affected your blog output? I'm wondering if my blog has had its day, its been going 12 yrs with 750,000 views... Comments please.'

Now with that short sentence or two, in a second it reaches over 2,000 people. The blog could never do that, but is that really its purpose anyway? I don't think so.

What I was mostly interested in when asking the question was, has social media had the same impact on the blogs of others as it has on mine and the answer was a resounding Yes.

Out out of the responses I received from fellow bloggers the most common response by far was 'too little time' to blog when you can rattle off a few tweets in seconds. I am one of those people too. Is it true though? I think the reason we dont have time to blog ( when we used to have time) is because of all the bloody time spent on social media!

Then I looked back only as far as August 2017 when I said this  .

Rather than repeat myself, again, I'll just leave it out there. I will continue to blog as frequently as I can, and will try to cut down on the others... Mmmmm...


Steve Gale said...

Definitely 'stay' rather than 'go'

Ken said...


The Wessex Reiver said...

The thing I like with blogs is the ease of looking through composed words and photographs. I don't blog as much but that's because of 8 hours a day at a computer anyway for work, last thing I want to do is write something at night sitting at a computer again. Twitter / Facebook and the rest are great for an instant hit or get a fact out there and yes you may get 2000 hits - but I wonder does anyone go back to look for a tweet from 2017, 2007 - Blogs are like books, they can be referred back to time and again - in blogs I often look for key words or dates to rekindle an experience or glean information. I may not post much but I dip in regularly. Each to their own, but I hope you keep blogging, level at an ad hoc level Stewart.


I for one would be very sad to see your blog go as I enjoy reading your exploits and you can’t go into detail on a tweet as you can on a blog.
Maybe I’m biased as I am not a tweeter and never will be.
Keep up the good work as I am sure you have many followers
Best Wishes

Anonymous said...