Sunday, September 24, 2017

Feed the Birds...

Let me take you back to 1974.

Yes, I was birding, well, bird watching, back then at the tender age of 10 years old. My mate Geordie, then aged 60 ( I know, some age difference but with similar interests, I didn't care) used to breed British finches. Siskins, Bullfinches, Redpolls and Greenfinches all had large out door fully planted aviaries made from aluminium greenhouses with the glass removed and wire mesh fitted. One side of the roof and a back wall were covered on the outside with clear corrugated plastic to provide shelter from the elements.

One of my memories of these days was the sweet oily smell of the brown paper bags of John Haith's British Finch seed mix that he used to get delivered, mail order, from Cleethorpes. He would have a mix plus black sunflower, niger and hemp seed all fed in carefully measured quantities to ensure his breeding birds were in the finest fettle for spring. It worked too, the songs of all of these finches echoed around the allotments when we arrived at 6am to start the day. Siskins wheezed and Redpolls chuched to each other from their broom, gorse and larch clad enclosures.

So, imagine my surprise when I got an email from Gemma the Customer Services Manager of Haith's to ask if I would like to try a free sample after she had seen my blog. Er, yes, I would, I like owt for nowt .... So within the week, a parcel arrived with a nice bag of Niger,  a tall niger feeder and a catalogue that that have been put to good use with my goldies. 

It took me right back to the old days when I saw the product. A nice quality seed, with the same logo from back then and, yes, even the brown paper bag was the same...the only difference was that now all my bird interests are wild, just as they should be. Happy Days....Thanks Haiths!

You can see more one their website, click HERE.


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Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Nice little gift that, hope the birds like it. Sure they will!