Saturday, July 22, 2017

and another....

Speaking of new garden moths earlier, another has just been id'd!

The smallest of tiny moths in the trap this morning, I mis-identified as Phyllonorycter geniculella, a species I have had once before, in 2015. Tom Tams, County Recorder has just given me a lesson on why it is actually a much rarer Northumberland moth, P. acerifoliella !

This is not only a first for VC68 it is also the first adult to be taken in the whole of Northumberland VC67 and 68, the other 18 records were hatched from leaf mines taken near Newcastle in 2013.

These things could be much commoner really. They are tiny. About the size of one of those little Thrips or corn flies that you can get in your eye, maybe 3mm nose to tail, so could be easily overlooked.

Still, they all count, so I'm well pleased.

Phyllonorycter acerifoliella

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Amanda Peters said...

What a great little moth, having joined the GMS this year has made me look more closely at the micro moths which in past years I might of dismissed, checking all the moths more closely means I too have had a better year for "Firsts" in the garden.
Always nice to see what you are catching.
Amanda xx