Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Iceland comes to the QEII...

Last year a fw Iceland Gull frequented the duck feeding area at the QEII Lake, Ashington. An unusual spot for a scarce gull, so what's the chances of history repeating? Well here we go, what looks like another first winter Iceland. Or is it? Could this actually be the same individual in retarded first plumage? There does seem to be odd grey feathers in the scapulars and mantle and second winters can have a dark eye too? Personally, I think it looks different to last spring's bird...Regardless its a nice bird and shows very well too. Best just say Iceland Gull 1 imm.

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Stringer said...

It's a cracker Stewart !

I've been flogging the local gulls up here for the last couple of months, not a sniff of anything unusual tho and some days there's not even any gulls to look at !