Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A late post...

At last, a blog post in July!

What afew weeks we have had with IT problems here. It all started in June when the broadband connection collapsed for  week, then our PC was blown by a storm making it unsuable for a week, then the broadband dropped again for another week. What a performance. The trials and tribulations of contacting BT to get things fixed were up there beside climbing the north west face of the Eiger, or swimming the channel!

So here is a short, mainly photographic post from a couple of weeks ago.

John and myself took an unscheduled trip over the border into Scotland for a change where we visited Gordon Moss, near the Black Adder ( yes really).

Here we wandered for a good way seeing a good few butterflies in the process.

Small Heath

Red Admiral


Small Tortoiseshell

Meadow Brown
Small Pearl bordered Fritillary
A big hoverfly - Volucella bombulans

Heath Spotted Orchid
 Our next stop was up on the coast at Burnmouth where we saw good numbers of Northern Brown Argus, at least 10+.

Northern Brown Argus


Amanda Peters said...

Glad you managed to get sorted, good numbers of butterflies out at the moment. Don't think I've ever seen so many Small Heath befor, so well done with your photo as they are not for staying still.
Thanks for the information on the gold spot..

Ragged Robin said...

So sorry to hear about your computer/internet problems - having gone without a computer here for 5 days can sympathise a little!

Lovely post with some beautiful photos - looks like a great day out :)

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

We're doing veryt well for skippers here, fritallaries just don't seem to exist in Notts.