Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Rain Flowers...

On Sunday I met up with John at the Warkworth Beach Car Park. First thing it was sunny and pleasant but this soon deteriorated into dull cool and some spots of rain.

A wander down the old water towards the estuary was very quiet for birds, the only highlight being a particularly violent Carrion Crow that caught and killed a juvenile Black Headed Gull, in flight, and 3 Little Egrets.

A few young birds were in the scrub, Chiffchaff, Robin, Mistle Thrush etc.

As it was slow going we decided to check out some flowering plants in the dunes, but even this was stymied by the overcast conditions. Will we ever get a summer I wonder?

Maiden Pink
Poppies in a low yield barley crop near the golf course.

Top - The adult Robin just peeps in....then finally delivers the goods.


Ian Doyle said...

Great photos Stewart.

Amanda Peters said...

I love the Maiden Pink flower, and poppies are stunning this year..
Amanda xx

Stewart said...

Thanks again all, Amanda those little pinks lit up the dunes like jewels!