Wednesday, May 13, 2015


A tip off from Robert, the estate head gardener, about an unusual duck on the pond the last few days, sent me along there this evening to see what was what. I half expected a dodgy 'call duck hybrid' or something but was pleased to find a nice drake Shoveler loafing around the lillies.

This is only my 4th since 2009 here with 2 being on the pond and one with other ducks on a seawatch, so it is a nice record and addition to the Patch Challenge list.

Unusually, he was paying some attention to a female Mallard and her ducklings, head nodding and grunting at her. He even chased off a drake Mallard that ventured too near to his new mate...I dont think the ducklings are his? But who knows maybe she came from another patch after mating...lets wait and see...

118. Shoveler


Amanda Peters said...

Will be intresting to follow these two if they stay about. Got two more birds for my list to day.
Linnet and common white throat.
Amanda xx

Stewart said...

Saw your post Amanda, lovely!