Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Keep waiting...

Grey Wagtail at Howick burn mouth.

Despite the weather being overcast, misty and generally a dreary sort of day, I still managed two walks around the patch. Nothing new was added and the chiffchaffs from the other day seemed to have moved on. Around home, a Golden Plover was flushed from the heugh by a passing Peregrine and 3 Goldcrests flitted around the back field.

I scoured the Craster end for Black Redstart but it was just a repeat of Sunday with singing Willow Tits, Bullfinches etc. A lone Purple Sandpiper was out on the rocks and a few more Goldcrests hinted at migration.

At the Howick burn mouth I just sat on the bridge base for an hour and waited to see what would appear. A Roe doe sneaked up on me and continued feeding until she just calmly wandered off and a Grey Wagtail fed on the stream. The sea was just about lifeless, or seemed so due to the big swell and low visibility.

In another month or so, the spring arrivals will be here in force. I hope.

Goldcrest, Craster. 

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Simon Douglas Thompson said...

It sounds and looks like a magical place. I'm so hopeless at bird song though.