Saturday, January 17, 2015

Nice light on a Dunnock.
A couple of walks around the patch today. First of all we walked north towards Craster. This was very quiet, with only a handful of Feral Pigeons being added to the list at Cullernose Point. 85 Pink footed Geese flew south in two skeins. Back towards the village there seemed to be some bird activity in a sheep pasture that had been dug up by a multitude of moles ( that should be their collective noun in the late winter). 30+ Lapwings, 30+ Redwings, 20+ Mistle Thrushes, 2 Song Thrushes and a Fieldfare had been joined by 60+ Golden Plover.

At lunchtime a stroll down to the pond added Mallard to the PWC2015 list, while a few Siskins were singing in the trees nearby.

At dusk this afternoon another walk around the coast path was, again very slow. A female Stonechat was perhaps noteworthy, but the sea was flat and devoid of anything moving.

In the garden, the usual crowd were at the feeders...

Tree Sparrows, a dull shot taken through the kitchen window.
72. Feral Pigeon
73. Golden Plover
74. Mallard


Warren Baker said...

There are more Tree Sparrows on that feeder than I have seen in the whole of Kent!

Stewart said...

There were 20+ today Warren....