Sunday, November 02, 2014


Craster from the south
This morning we took a walk north from our house up to Craster along the coast path. I was looking for a Snow Bunting or Black Redstart but both remained unseen.

Still it was pleasant walk, checking the shore, the harbour, the Heughs and the Arnold Reserve. The area was quiet generally and migrant free. While in the village we were buzzed by a drone that may have been operated by CIA but I'm sure they have better targets to spy on. 

28 Golden Plover, 16 Turnstone, 1 Purple Sandpiper and a few Redshanks were along the rocky shore. A few Blackbirds, Redwings and Goldcrests were in cover, while both Harbour Porpoise and Grey Seal were offshore.

Golden Plover
High flying Long tailed Tits.

On the way back, a party of 11 Long tailed Tits looked a bit odd, high flying north across the coastal strip and for the second night running a new species of macro moth for me was in the trap. A Streak. A scarce species up here probably blown into the garden from further inland after tonights gales. 

The Streak.
Persistent Waxcap Hygrocybe acutoconica or persistens, thanks to Nigel for the id.
We also found a single large waxcap fungi growing by the path. Nothing in my book was like it but on line I noticed a similarity to Persistent Waxcap, but I find fungi so difficult. I was pleased when Nigel ( Abbey Meadows) confirmed this for me. Its name comes from the way it keeps its conical cap shape rather than it flattening out like some waxcap species.


amanda peters said...

I've been to Craster too, lovely place, great shots of the birds you did see.
Amanda xx

abbey meadows said...

A couple of good moths recently Stew. I'm not into this twitter stuff but the fungi on right of picture when I visited your blog looks like Hygrocybe persistens (there are a couple of varieties)

JWR said...

check that Shank out!!! fabulous picture

Johnnykinson said...

I'm with JWR, that's a rather nice Redshank image.
I had a "geek" flying a drone overhead at Seaton Sluice on Thurs. Might get one with a camera day. The next must have ????