Sunday, October 19, 2014


Moth twitchers that is.

Today was much busier than yesterday with visitors coming to see the Deaths head Hawk-moth. We had around 40 people including two lads who had come especially from Yorkshire to see it. Over the weekend we collected just over £60 in donations for our village hall which isn't bad for a moth.

This afternoon, the moth is livening up a few Facebook pages, sometimes alongside happy faced moth twitchers. For me though the highlight had to be when Richard Dunn managed to take a recording of the moth squeaking as it was handled. Now that's something that cant have happened too often. To hear it for yourself please click Here. But be careful, a Red crowned Crane kicks in immediately afterwards to shock you.

After everyone had gone we managed to get it to feed a little on honey solution. This is a tricky task, as the moth has to be man handled, then its curled proboscis teased out with a pencil and placed in the honey, where it sucks it up like a straw. I am advised by the interweb sources that after a couple of times, the moth gets the hang of it and feeds itself. Thank goodness for that!

The moth is on the logs positioned for the photographers.  This image courtesy of Alan Gilbertson.
A selection from Saturday.

Death's Head Hawk Moth. This image and the one above, courtesy of Ian Fisher.


amanda peters said...

Gland you had a nice day, what will happen to the moth now ?

The Wessex Reiver said...

Very nice Stewart - I've never seen a 'moth' death's head. I'm impresed. and..... moth twitchers, that's a new one on me :-)

Countryside Tales said...

Hi Stewart, I saw your comment on Ragged Robin's blog and just had to pop over. What an exciting happening. And the audio is just brilliant. No idea they were so loud. Well done indeed and thanks very much for sharing the pics and sounds. We had a MDJ here last night which is making me smile today, but I would be grinning like a fool if I ever saw a death's head. CT :o)

oldcrow61 said...

What a beauty.