Sunday, May 11, 2014

Legged it....

A trip up to the land beyond the Long Nanny this morning for the Beadnell Lesser Yellowlegs was a failure, the said target having continued onward migration yesterday.

It was a cool breezy day, today, but at least the rain mostly stayed away. After gazing at an empty flash, devoid of birds for 10 minutes, we headed over the the tern colony on the shore for a look. Hundreds of Arctic Terns were pairing up, but only 4 Little Terns were present. A dark phase Arctic Skua was a nice bird to get in the spring here as it hunted off Beadnell harbour.

I'm not sure what this fish is, maybe a Sand Smelt or a fry of some sort? Some had sandeels too...
Also here ,a steady passage north of hirundines with a few Swifts, 1 Yellow Wagtail north, 7 summer plumaged Dunlin and a female Wheatear.

Next stop, the Tin Church and Pool.

Straight away a Lesser Whitethroat was heard singing from the scrub, along with 2 Common Whitethroats and a Willow Warbler.

Lesser Whitethroat in the open briefly.
 The scrapes were as empty as I've ever seen them, with only 1 Teal, 2 Shelduck and 2 Gadwall. The pool wasn't much different, but a Reed Warbler ( or two) singing over the far side was noteworthy.
As the sun came out and the temperature rose slightly, a few insects emerged in the pool willows including 1 Orange Tip, 3+ Green veined Whites and a few hoverflies that remain to be identified. Celery-leaved Buttercup was in flower in the damp areas.

Green Nettle Weevil
Possibly Brassy Willow Beetle?

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Amanda Peters said...

The Arctic tern are a good looking bird, we get a pair at Yeadon tarn most years you could watch them fly all day.
Like your header photos.
Happy hunting.
Amanda x