Sunday, March 02, 2014


This morning dawned bright and sunny with a light frost. John arrived at our house at about eight, just in time to catch a pair of Ravens flying south, high overhead, calling and doing some twisting display flight. This is the first here for two years, I wonder if its the same pair we used to get?

We headed off west to look for Adders at Branton Pits.

Looking west from Beanly Moor....
Spring has definitely sprung up here, despite the back drop of a snow covered Cheviot hills, Oystercatchers had arrived en-masse as had Black Headed and Common Gulls. The Oystercatchers breed on the river shingle beds and are absent all winter. It was good to hear them 'kleeping' about all over the place.

On our walk, Kingfishers could be heard whistling a territorial dispute call, but only brief glimpses were had.

Mute Swans and other wildfowl were already paired up, but the swans are in danger if they keep flying about and fighting. Its so easy for them to hit a pylon or fence.

Passerine targets were in short supply today, with no sign of the usual siskin flocks etc. Only 2 Goldcrest, a Yellowhammer and a few Chaffinches put in an appearance.

When the sun came out we checked the usual Adder basking spots, and were pleased to find a single snake quite well hidden out of the wind, catching a few rays. Although there isnt much to them really, a snake has a certain tropical feel and are always exciting to see.

A short stop near some pine woods had a few distant Crossbills calling and flying about but little else... 

Only another singleton from the moth trap this morning, a nice fresh Hebrew Character.

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Em Parkinson said...

Fantastic seeing an Adder at this time of year. That Goldcrest is stunning too.