Saturday, January 11, 2014

Its snowing....

First Snowdrops of the year.
Only a short couple of walks from home with Bunty this morning. On the first one at sunrise, a female / fw type Snow Bunting ( the white in the wings was seen from below) flew low north over Seahouses farm, calling as it went. They can be tricky in the New Year here so its a good one for the patch list.

Generally the whole area was almost bird-less but a wander into the pond field mid morning added a couple more common species for the patch.

I could only find one small clump of Snowdrops in flower, making them a bit late this year. This is probably due to the mild weather, these bulbs need a sharp cold snap before a mild one to set them off. Its still like autumn here.

Alder catkins.
 The Alders looked nice in the morning sun decked with catkins,and 3 Bullfinches fed on bramble and docks along the track side briefly.

Bullfinch on bramble seeds

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