Sunday, November 17, 2013

Up the coast...

JWR and myself headed up to see the Lesser Grey Shrike this morning, a new bird for him in the UK, and one I am pleased to see again after its great performance yesterday.

It was in a more lethargic mood this morning but still showed very well to all comers. It seems that its staple diet is now mealworms provided by Jimmy and Gary trying to build it up for its continued migration.

While here, apart from being physically mugged by a Peacock ( that took one of my ginger snaps without even asking) it was good to meet up with some long term birding mates that I don't see nearly of much of as I should.

From here we headed up to Bamburgh with little hope of connecting with the elusive Bonaparte's Gull. As expected, it was a no show, but we did enjoy 4 Slavonian Grebes, 10 Long tailed Duck including many nice males, 10 Red breasted Merganser, 200+ Common Scoter and 50+ Purple Sandpiper.

A short stop down at Seahouses gave us a few more Purps plus a stonking Great Northern Diver just off shore still retaining some remnants of summer plumage about the neck.

All in all a very nice morning out.


Ragged Robin said...

Beautiful illustration of the Lesser Grey Shrike Stewart. A great sighting :)

Would be happy to see any species of shrike - have been mesmerised by the bird since first seeing pictures in Observer Book of Birds with impaled prey on thorns :) decades ago!

Lou Mary said...

Fabulous drawing once again!