Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Punk's Back!

Like Dr Who, Madonna and David Bowie, Dean Stables has a habit of  vanishing and coming back to blogging fully invigorated and revamped. Long timers will remember 'Mostly Macro' and more recently 'Deans Daily Diary' now we have 'Photos as and When'

I'm sure his new incarnation will be every bit as good as his last, so please give him a follow and leave a comment or two to cheer him up.

Hope all goes well in future Dean...

Cheers Stewart.


Anonymous said...

Cheers for that introduction & your support, Stewart....very much appreciated.
As you know i`ve not been in a good place for the last 4 months...and now things are slowly starting to improve. Fingers crossed it`s all downhill from here.


Ragged Robin said...

Thanks so much for telling us Stewart - have been thinking of Dean a lot in last few months.

So pleased he is blogging again and that things are slowly starting to improve. Off to check out his new blog now :)

Chris said...

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