Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I'm boiling...

...about this governments proposed cull of 70% of the Badgers in England.

This is all in the name of stopping bovine TB. I am too angry to write properly so please see my points below.

I heard a scientist from DEFRA on Radio 4 yesterday saying this is crazy. If you eradicated 100% of all Badgers in the UK ie made the species extinct, you would reduce bTB in cattle by 16%! Yes that's right - 16%. Even he, who spent years doing the report, says that a cull is crazy. But the government is ignoring this to appease the NFU.

Only 1% of Badgers has bTB but they will kill off 70% of the population.

The proposal is to cull 70% initially in the SW. They do not know how many Badgers there are ( using a decade old survey for stats) so how can you know when your killing quota is up?

But best of all,lets ignore the stats and look at the principles. How the hell can anyone justify a wipeout of our largest land carnivore for the sake of livestock? This is a protected animal and not long ago Badger groups across the land were reinforcing sets to stop poachers digging them out. Now it is looked at as vermin.

The Badger is one of the best known and loved icons of British wildlife and countryside. It will be gone. Just like that. Wiped Out. Almost.

If this can happen to such a well known and loved creature what do you think will happen next? I cant see Hen Harrier / Goshawk / Buzzard / Eagle / Kite / Raven protection lasting very long. After all, they have an effect on livestock  too. Why not remove 70% of those? Watch this space, it will happen. Not to mention Otter / Fox/ Pine Marten et al. this has massive future implications for all conservation in the UK.

Look at the crap we spout about saving Pandas and Tigers and even Turtle Doves. Not worth a toss to this government and its ilk. Millions spent by tax paying members of the public to conserve our natural heritage, for what? Just to have it deliberately and systematically wiped out in the future.

These animals are not 'owned' no one has the right to eradicate 1% never mind 70%. These are sentient beings who were here when the wildwood covered the land. Have they not got enough to cope with now, without this. Intensive farming, roads, pesticides, herbicides, buildings, increasing population etc etc

If you have any interest at all in the countryside and its wildlife even if it is just birds, think of what may happen if this goes ahead. If you subscribe to any natural history society, bird club, wildlife trust, conservation body, the RSPB, The Widlfowl and Wetlands Trust, The Hawk and Owl Trust. If you subscribe to British Birds, British Wildlife, BBC Wildlife, Bird Watching Mags surely you must disagree with this ridiculous cull. If this is so...

Please sign this petition NOW - Click Here ( No not tomorrow, NOW! It will only take a minute)

Try to get anyone you know to do the same. Imagine, when Badgers are as rare as Pine Martens...Its too late then.

I dont think I have ever felt so helpless and mistreated by our 'democratically elected' system.

I fucking despair for the future of this country, I do...


Ragged Robin said...

Superb post Stewart. I couldn't agree more with absolutely everything you say.

I cannot remember when I have been so angry and, as you say, which species will be next.

You have put the feelings and thoughts of so many people so well that you ought to send your post as a letter to some of the daily papers.

Well done - its the best blogger post I have ever read!

Flora said...

Hi Stewart. Great stuff! Good to see someone speaking up for Team Badger with passion. I also feel helpless and angry with this government. This is not being done in my name. I signed the petition last week - and sad to see it's still only at just over 50,000.
As you say, 'What next?'

Stringer said...


Petition signed.

Kingsdowner said...

Thanks for the link Stewart.

AS you say, the pressure has now increased on wildlife perceived to be causing problems for the landed interests.
Whether farming or 'sporting' interests, they've got the govenment's ear.
We've just returned from a trip to the Dales, and not a raptor was seen - all shot off the moors presumably.

Anonymous said...

I agree with everything you say Stewart. Great post.

Warren Baker said...

DO NOT BUY BRITISH FARM PRODUCE!! If you can, buy foreign stuff, the farmers will soon feel the pinch if all who are against the cull dont buy there product!!

Ipin said...

signed...I'm not sure there'll be much sympathy from the sec of state for Defra mind...