Saturday, July 14, 2012

Mackerel are in!

After a tip off from Alan Gilbertson that there seemed to be good catches of Mackerel just up from home at Cullernose Point, I took a stroll up there this evening to try my hand.

Now Mackerel and I don't get on. I arrive, and they leave, simple as. I meet people coming away with some good fish, but all my efforts fail, until tonight.

I had already set up my rod and four glittering lures at home, so all I had to do was find a suitable rock edge and cast out. Cast 1, I snagged briefly then felt a telling nod on my light rod. After a good struggle the first fish was landed. Next cast gave me two at once, then the third, I had a full house of four rainbow coloured shimmering Mackerel all on one trace.

Once dispatched and bagged to eat, I felt this was enough for me, so after only half an hours fishing and half an hours walking I was back home.

I might have another try this week but using a small trout rod and a small spinner, what a fight these give on that gear...

Maybe some visitors here could take note. The only downside was that the rocks were like a landfill site with bags, beer cans, bait, guts etc all over the place. An absolute disgrace at this beautiful spot. I wish people would be happy with taking just enough then leaving the site as if they had never been...


Alan Gilbertson said...

Beer cans all over the place when I got there this morning Stewart.

You should see the place on a Monday morning after the Sunday shenanigans, it's even worse. Cans, bags, tackle packets and discarded barbecues.

Sunday seems to be a day to avoid.

When the sun finally got out this afternoon I got the camera ready for gannets etc. I was busy unhooking a mackerel from the float rig when a bloke next to me asked what these two strange birds were that were passing over.

I was just in time to see a dark & light pair of Arctic skuas passing right overhead in good light and the bloody camera was out of reach!

Stewart said...

BBQ ready for this evening Alan...