Friday, September 16, 2011

This morning and the wind had increased in tempo, still from the SE. I quickly dashed to the coast for a half hour seawatch before work. It was half light with an orange glow on the horizon and there were thousands of birds on the move. The problem being, the light was very poor and, the SE blow ( we are more used to seawatching an a N wind) meant that the birds had a rocket up their ar.. and were very difficult to track.

Still the potential was there -

Sooty Shearwater 4
Manx Shearwater 3
Arctic Skua 6
Bonxie 2
Red throated Diver 2
Eider 27

All flying N.

The light was dismal this evening and the wind is a gale now with heavy rain. It might be worth a look first thing...


Anonymous said...

Forget the seawatching records from the day, Stewart. That is one belter of a scribble on your latest header.

Stewart said...

Cheers Dean...