Thursday, July 21, 2011

A tick!

Last nights coastal stroll produced a few bits and pieces. A big frenzy of terns was offshore, a tad too far for the bins, but a few came close in - 2 Roseates, 3+ Commons, 10+ Arctics and 10+ Sandwich. Below the terns were a good few Razorbills with young and at least 2 Goosander.

But, for me, the highlight wasn't the flickering winged sea swallows, not even the rare ones, no. On my way into the house a call over the back field grabbed my attention and, duly, a Ringed Plover was added to the garden list! It flew low over the field in display flight mode towards the coast. On this stretch they are a difficult bird to get because its very rocky with little sand for them. I assume this is an inland bird returning to the coast to winter...

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