Sunday, June 05, 2011

Everything is Rosy...

I've just taken a wander with Bunty along the coast path. The rain has stopped and although its dull, it feels relatively calm and mild.

Just offshore a small feeding frenzy held 28 large gulls, including 2 Lesser and 1 Greater black backed, 6 Guillemots and a handsome Razorbill. At least 6 Sandwich Terns were accompanied by a nice clean pinky Roseate Tern, my first this year. I haven't seen Arctic or Common Tern yet, but there's no doubt they are just waiting out there for me to point a scope their way. While I sat, an adult and an immature Red throated Diver flew north, very close in, almost overhead.

Down on the rocks I was surprised to see a pair of Oystercatchers behaving territorially when a Great Black Back flew over. Later investigation showed one of the birds to be squatting low, on what I assume are small chicks. I didn't disturb her in case the gulls or crows returned but I will keep an eye on them later this week. I've  not noticed them breeding here before, and it is very exposed so I don't expect too much success.

A small area of Bell Heather or Cross leaved Heath is in flower on a precarious cliff edge too, but I'm not sure which it is. I'll confirm that later this week too...

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