Thursday, May 05, 2011

The Hat Trick...

This has been a week of warbler arrivals at Howick. 

After the garden Garden Warbler, and yesterday's Grasshopper Warbler (no sign today), a short judder of a call in an almost blossomless cherry tree in the old school garden had me investigating. Within a few seconds, the Lesser Whitethroat could be seen flickering from twig to twig looking for insects, then, as suddenly as he arrived, he flew, high westwards towards some tall sycamores. I wonder how far it is going....and has he brought his mate, the Wryneck, with him...? If it rains tonight I'll be out checking in the morning...

Thats a nice trilogy of the scarcer patch warblers to get this week.

While watching the Lesser Whitethroat a Yellow Wagtail flew north, calling.

Last night, a Barn Owl flew over the old school towards the paddock, my first sighting of one in the village this year.

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Kah-Wai Lin said...

Nice drawing!