Friday, April 22, 2011


A few weeks ago I went to an excellent talk at the Bird Club by Martin Garner on the new 'Frontiers in Birding'. What an inspiration he is. Very enthusiastic and a great orator he had everyone gripped by his tales, theories and lessons. Is it just a coincidence that two weeks later Northumberlands first Black Scoter was found...I wonder.

So, fired by Martins words that no matter where or when you go birding there is always something of interest to question and seek out, I vowed to get stuck in at the earliest opportunity.

Last Sunday saw me and JWR up in the Cheviot foothills doing a WeBs count. Possibilities here are multitude. Rare Gulls, aythya ducks, races of Jackdaw still returning after the cold winter, Iberian type Chiffs etc etc to be found by an enquiring mind and an eagle eye.

That is unless you are an overweight, middle aged, cynic who turns out on a Sunday armed with a bad haircut, two chins and a big flask of tea. The only frontier we pushed was that we happened upon the first Mr Whippy of the year up Ingram Valley...

JWR with TWO ice creams, greedy get...

Any wildlife at all?

Climbing Corydalis.
Wheatears, Buzzards, 7 Little Ringed Plovers, 1 Common Sandpiper and a few nice plants.

But what a cracking morning we had!

We couldn't locate any rare birds but it takes skill to locate two 99's with monkey's blood up here, I'll tell you.  

Oh and broadband back up to speed!!! Yay!


Ipin said...

JWR certainly looks happy with his lot!

Unknown said...

Middle aged check, overweight check, flask of tea check,two chins one, two...... three whuegh thought it was me for a minute!

Good news on the Broadband.


Northumbrian Birding said...

My keen eye can see those ices are sporting typical full summer plumage of a flake and Monkeys Blood !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The cheviots take a lot of beating on a fine day. Glad your broadband is fixed and well done resisting a 99er whist your mate ate two ;)

Richard Dunn said...

Rutter looks happy with his lot!
How many ice creams did you have?

Stewart said...

Me? Do you think I maintain this body by eating ice creams...