Tuesday, February 01, 2011


I wasn't out for very long on Sunday but I still managed to fit in a walk from home, a short way inland to a small wood I have never been to before and back via the Hall.

It is still very quiet on the bird front, with the most visible being 4 or more Treecreepers in various spots on the route. A Jay showed well and a Tawny Owl in full hoot in the middle of the day were the only other things of note.

Less visible, as usual, were the mammalian residents of the patch, but all it takes is a keen eye ( or not so keen for that matter) and signs of recent activity can be found. I was like Davey Crockett without the 'coon skin hat!
Five species of mammal were noted but only one seen -

Field Vole - Chewed grass runs visible after the snow has thawed.
Mole - Hills everywhere, despite the attentions of the catcher. Oh, his metal detector and spade has gone...
Brown Hare - A well worn run in our back field.
Roe Deer - Droppings and tracks, but a doe and with her yearling were seen too.
Badger - An active set. I didnt go for a look last year but I will this year.
Fox? - only a possible. They are shot out in this area, and I still havent seen one in the last two years, but some scat on a molehill looked suitable. I'll keep an eye open for this one...


Field Vole runs in chewed grass.

Well used Brown Hare run.


Roe Doe and yearling.


Anonymous said...

"Oh, is metal detector and spade has gone..."


Stewart said...

Aye, but I havent taken it, honest. I was going to get the spade but someone beat me to it...

abbey meadows said...

I think it is a good vole year, not sure if the early snow cover has something to do with it. Herons eating voles at the tip and Richard watching a Fox in Harwood feeding on voles. Maybe that is what is keeping the Shrike settled in one place just now.